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Current Horses

We are one of the largest young horse production yards in the country and we take great pride in producing our young horses slowly so that they have a solid grounding and education in their early years.

As a result we have horses that are ready to go out and successfully compete at whatever level they are capable of when they are sold.

We have sold horses to all parts of the world and always have a large selection of horses for sale at any time.

Please contact us through one of our social media channels or by phone +353861632414 to find out more information on our horses.

Lots of videos available by request through WhatsApp .

Come and find your next showjumpers here!

ESI Hamshire

2016 Gelding

Zirocco Blue x Colman


Kinmar Candy Hero
2016 Gelding
Sligo Candy Boy x Aganix Du Seigneur


Classic Surprise
2017 gelding
Classic x Alcatraz


Wineport Romeo
2017 Gelding
Drumm-M x Courage

Kilnamac Louis
2017 Gelding
Lux Z x Cruising


Cillbhrid Popeye
2018 Gelding
Celtic Hero BZ x OBOS Quality 004



Kinmar Lissyegan Hero
2019 Mare
Ganesh Hero Z x Kheeros Van't Hoogeinde

Image Pending

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